Application Development & Legacy Modernization

“Software is in the heart of every business.
Improve app development & augment your productivity & control with our solutions & services.”

SYNTAX’s solutions for Application Development comprise of a complete set of technologies and services that will allow you to effectively manage all aspects of Application Development & Life Cycle Management.

From Business Requirements Capture, Analysis and Definition to Design, Coding, Testing, QA and Deployment our consultants will enable you to deliver quality software applications in time and on budget.

Also, SYNTAX expert consultants can modernize your existing legacy applications assets and extend their value by exploiting the latest technologies.

Outsourcing / Residency Services

In addition, on short, medium or long term contracts, SYNTAX can facilitate your application development needs by providing skillful and experienced Application Development experts.

SYNTAX Outsource and Residency Expert Services can enable you to cover your needs in a spontaneous, effective way & on justified cost.

Contact us now; our experts will be delighted to help you exploit the benefits you can get by our services and software solutions.

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Requirements Management

Capture and Manage Demand

Precisely capturing customer needs as a set of actionable requirements is the first, and potentially the most important step in successfully delivering a software project that creates value in the market.

Change Management

Manage change and parallel development

Our Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions address the unique needs of large, complex software development organizations. As well as facilitating large scale parallel development, SYNTAX addresses complex change management use cases, and integrates disparate tools, teams and assets into a high performing software supply chain.

Automated Testing

Leave nothing un-tested

Test automation enables development organizations to deliver software faster, with higher quality at a lower cost.

Our family of automated testing solutions are un-matched in their ability to maximize testing effectiveness, velocity, and cost efficiency for complex, cross-platform applications.

Performance Testing

Put any type of application under stress

Many businesses depend on mission critical software applications, whether to drive internal execution, external customer engagement, or both. In all cases, the ability for those applications to handle demand and maintain robust performance is paramount to your business’s success.

We provide a variety of refined and highly cost-effective performance and load testing solutions. These enable IT and business stakeholders to test mission critical applications to ensure they’re able to handle peak loads and perform robustly for all users regardless of device, network, or location.

Release Management & Deploy Automation

Zero-Touch, cross-platform deployment

Our Release Automation is an enterprise-class, continuous delivery solution that automates complex, multi-tier release deployments through orchestration and promotion of applications from development through production.

Release Automation helps companies address some of their most critical DevOps challenges by providing a continuous delivery solution that helps improve visibility across the enterprise’s deployment chain. IT operations, development teams and application owners use these application release automation tools to help:

  • Speed up application release cycles, and improve business and operational agility.
  • Reduce errors, and achieve higher quality releases by simplifying and standardizing application release processes.
  • Reduce costs of application deployments, and promote collaboration and alignment between Development and Operations.

Legacy Applications Modernization

Take your COBOL apps to the future

Your applications are the lifeblood of your organization. Yet new technology demands and a growing IT backlog are hampering the delivery of new, innovative services for the business.

Our solutions unlock the value within your existing COBOL applications, enabling teams to collaborate across a variety of new and long established platforms. We can help you re-energize enterprise COBOL applications, resulting in improved productivity, while lowering costs and taking your core applications into the future.

Customer case: Visual COBOL delivers a 50% application performance improvement for the Ministry of Finance, Cyprus

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