Data Management

“Your data, your success.”

Data represent one of the most crucial assets in today’s organizations. Vast quantities of data are being created and used in our daily business life. Moreover there appears in many institutions to be a lack of awareness as to what data are held and whether they are being well managed.

Every successful organization can have a data management technology in order to make the most out of its data. However few institutions have formal strategies in place in order to manage and make the best out of their data.

SYNTAX Data Management consultants can help your organization to realize the full potential value of its data assets and enable you to:

  • Establish quickly and easily an overview of your data holdings
  • Set the necessary policies and best practices in place and
  • Implement the right technology

Contact us now, we will be delighted to introduce our solutions and assess the benefits of managing your data assets efficiently.

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The Alternative Enterprise Class, Secure, Scalable, Lower TCO RDBMS

Tibero™ is a Secure, Scalable, High Availability & fully Compatible, Enterprise SQL RDBMS, with flexible and clear terms licensing that reduces up to 60% the Total Cost of Ownership.

Tibero enables automatic conversion from legacy RDBMS and bridges the gap between legacy and the new paradigm running workloads in virtualized data centers and the cloud.

More than 1600 enterprises rely on Tibero™. Will you be next?

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Data Integration

Great data at your fingers

Combine data from many different sources—typically for analysis, business intelligence, reporting, or loading—into an application. Benefit from gaining one view of all your data and stop wasting time looking for it in its silos. Utilize the development agility, enterprise scalability and operational confidence of the offered solutions.

Data Quality

Quality Data means Quality Business

The main definition of data quality is how well data supports the context in which it’s consumed. Quality is an ongoing and repetitive process, one that needs to be defined by the business (or business unit) that’s consuming the data. An essential element of holistic data governance, trustworthy data serves critical business needs across the enterprise—from legal to finance to marketing and beyond.

Master Data Management

Master your business by mastering your data

Master data management (MDM) is a methodology that identifies the most critical information within an organization—and creates a single source of its truth to power business processes. Utilize proven methodologies and gain a single view of your data, a 360-degree view of the relationships in-between your data, a complete view of all interactions between internal and external sources of information

Application Archiving & Retirement

Reduce data retention cost while ensuring access

Control data growth in production databases and retire legacy applications, while managing retention, ensuring compliance, and retaining access to business data. Utilize a smart application archiving or retirement solution and drastically reduce the cost of hardware, software used, retain seamless access to historical data and be aligned with data retention policies.

Data Security

Data initiatives require Data security

Data security and privacy challenge organizations to meet different but very critical and complementary issues: Data security governs access to data throughout its lifecycle, whereas data privacy defines that access based on privacy policies and laws—for instance, who views personal, financial, health, or confidential data. Both help organizations improve the control of information access to reduce sensitive data risk, ensure compliance with industry or civil regulations, and implement data security best practices.

Cloud & Big Data

Work with your data without restrictions

Unleash the power of your data no matter the amount or their location, either on premise or in the cloud. Many cloud applications promise—and deliver—a simpler, faster, smarter approach to running your business. But none of them stand alone. The key to bring everything together is your data.


Feel the power of your data

Easy access to quality data will be nothing if there is no way to analyze it in full context, or if you have to wait hours or days to get results. With new advances in computing technology, there’s no need to avoid tackling even the most challenging business problems. To fully realize the value of data you need a complete platform that supports both business and IT.

Product Information Management

Deliver rich product information

Product Information Management or PIM refers to processes and technologies focused on centrally managing information about products, with a focus on the data required to market and sell the products through one or more distribution channels.

The increasing number of channels for product data, emphasizes the need for accurate, correct and on-time data around products in order to boost sales.

SYNTAX Data Management consultants, can help your organization to organize the existing product information and streamline the process of product information from introduction up to the final communication to the customer.