Information Security Governance, Risk & Compliance

“Peace of mind is a matter of choice.”

With the increasing reliance of Business Operations on Information Technology (IT) and the numerous regulations that have emerged in recent years on privacy and security, IT environments have become more complex.

Organizations are exposed to a wide array of IT risks, threats and vulnerabilities, with a direct impact on the performance of the enterprise and its services.

The great complexity and business value of IT investments mandate the planning, design and on-going management and monitoring of IT services, including systems, processes and organizational structures.

Governance, risk management and compliance requirements of IT need to be considered holistically and with an end-to-end business service management focus.

SYNTAX Information Security Governance, Risk & Compliance (ISGRC) solutions provide a series of services and best-in-breed technologies that cover your enterprise needs with a holistic approach.

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Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

SYNTAX Security Risk assessment services focus on assessing and quantifying the exposure to events that compromise the assets, operations and objectives of your organization. A successful Security Risk Assessment approach can prevent breaches, reduce the impact of realized breaches and effectively gauge and communicate monetary impact to related risks…
SYNTAX’s consultants can help your organization identify and quantify risks, maximizing support of business functions and minimizing operational disruptions in the most cost-effective manner.

Information Security Management

Information Security Management

SYNTAX Information Security Management services focus on creating an Information Security Management System that adopts a holistic approach, including Risk Management, Policy Creation, Incident Management and Security Awareness.
An Information Security Management System is both a comprehensive plan and operational services, based on a risk management process, to protect critical applications and IT Infrastructure, ensure systems availability and data integrity, comply with external regulations and protect individual privacy.
A successful information security program supports business and aligns with the agency’s mission, goals and objectives.
SYNTAX’s consultants can help your organization create, establish and maintain a solid Information Security Program maximizing support of business functions, minimizing operational disruptions and implementing corporate strategy in the most cost-effective manner.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

The need to share information has never been greater as cross-organizational business processes become deeper and more complex. The movement of digital information, both within a business and across its boundaries to external individuals and organizations, carries more and more risk as regulations are tightened around data protection and personal privacy.
Those businesses that will stay ahead of their competition will be the ones that put the necessary solutions in place to allow them to share content widely, but safely. The implementation of a Data Loss Prevention solution constitutes the first and most important step towards achieving the full protection of your organization’s sensitive and critical information.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness

SYNTAX Security Awareness Training Services are designed to educate employees on the security policy of your organization and help foster an understanding of how the policy protects the business, the employee and the customers.

SYNTAX’s consultants can help your organization design, create and implement a security  training program tied to existing security directives and policy.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA)
    • Identify vulnerabilities in a broad scope of systems and network devices
  • Network Penetration Test (NPT)
    • In depth analysis of specific, high-risk systems
    • Assessment of risk and impact (both technical and corporate) of a potential attack
  • Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT)
    • Security assessment of an application. Gain understanding of the application’s attack tolerance level, whether the attack is originating from an external agent or from internal misuse.
    • Remediation suggestions
  • Host Security Assessment (HSA)
    • Assessment of a single system
    • Audit security settings and hardening, based on international standards and best practices
  • Network Architecture Assessment (NAA)
    • Security evaluation of a network from an architectural and operational perspective.
  • Network Device Security Assessment (NDAA)
    • Identify vulnerabilities in network devices
  • Wireless Network Security Assessment: (WNSA)
    • Evaluate the security posture of wireless networks

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Continuity services focus on ensuring that critical business functions will remain operational after a security incident through a robust Business Continuity Management System.

A successful Business Continuity approach includes three key elements.

  • Resilience: critical business functions and the supporting infrastructure are designed and engineered in such a way that they are materially unaffected by most disruptions.
  • Recovery: arrangements are made to recover or restore critical and less critical business functions.
  • Contingency: the organization establishes a generalized capability and readiness to cope effectively with whatever major incidents and disasters occur, including those that were not, and perhaps could not, have been foreseen.

Syntax consultants can help your organization build an effective Business Continuity Management System aiming at maximum support of business functions and minimizing operational disruptions in the most cost-effective manner.



If you’ re using a computer or a removable USB drive, the chances are you have sensitive data on these devices. Whether it’s a computer with sensitive corporate information, or a thumb drive with government secrets, you need to ensure there is no unauthorized access to that data should the device be lost or stolen. Endpoint encryption (which typically includes disk encryption and removable media encryption) protects this data, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized users.

Information Security Compliance

Automate the compliance & security processes of your business

In today’s digital world, organizations are increasingly communicating and storing valuable business-related information in unstructured content repositories such as corporate email systems, file servers, Web portals & personal archives. The pressure to satisfy compliance requirements can be overwhelming, while at the same time organizations must implement controls that enable their business to operate more effectively, serving as a solid foundation for future compliance efforts.

The increasing number of external regulations and compliance issues such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA and ISO 27001-2 create the need for information security compliance, even if an organization is not currently involved in litigation or an investigation.

Automating the compliance and security processes reduces costs and helps you protect more easily critical servers, applications and customer data through scalable and streamlined security and compliance programs.

SYNTAX consultants have a wide and diverse experience with regards to Information Security Compliance, providing related services and best-in-breed technological products across the EMEA geographical region.

Such experience has highlighted that every organization is different and requires a customized, cost- and risk-justified information security compliance solution that meets each business’s strategic and operational needs. This is the SYNTAX Information Security Compliance approach and added-value for your business.

Managed Security Services

Secure your hardened & monitored IT environment

Organizations are increasingly communicating and storing valuable business-related information in unstructured content repositories, while in order to meet security and availability needs of the business, organizations continue to invest in a wide variety of security point solutions, such as firewalls, antivirus products, and intrusion detection systems.

Such technologies generate incredibly high volumes of security data that present an enormous challenge in achieving real-time detection of security breaches – making it difficult to easily review and analyze that data.

Meanwhile the increasing number of external regulations and compliance issues has intensified pressure to satisfy compliance requirements.

All above factors create the need for a security hardened and monitored IT environment, while maintaining a team of security experts that will effectively coordinate and execute a diverse set of security management activities. However, such security management requirements are costly and are not always aligned to the core business expertise of an organization. Such circumstances mandate the shift to a Managed Security Services environment.

SYNTAX, in collaboration with Symantec, offers a wide portfolio of Managed Security Services enabling your organization to place its resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experienced specialists. This can help your organization optimize the use of existing resources and focus on the successful delivery of strategic IT projects. Delivered under strict service-level agreements (SLAs), Symantec Managed Services provide continuous expertise and value through a combination of onsite activities, on-call assistance, and remote monitoring.

The key benefits of a Managed Security Services solution include the increase of operational efficiency, the reduction of costs, and the reduction of exposure to IT risk.

Highly trained security analysts can help your organization protect its mission-critical information assets within moments of detecting potential or imminent threats, while security log data and detailed reports – specific to your environment – can support your IT policy and regulatory compliance requirements.

Your organization can rest assured that Symantec’s security experts will follow best practices and standard procedures to ensure consistency in the delivery of service excellence.

In addition, the threat intelligence and early warning notifications provided will be available via a secure Web portal, allowing your organization to conveniently access detailed research, in-depth analysis and expert guidance on mitigation strategies, while giving you up-to-the-minute information on the latest threats facing your network.

End-Point Security

Full protection of your diverse & numerous end-points

One of the main information security management challenges faced by organizations which aim to achieve mature security and compliance programs and operations is the full protection of their diverse and numerous end-points (workstations, servers, laptops, and mobile devices). Effective End-Point Security is an everyday need for any organization’s IT infrastructure, while the implementation of a fully integrated solution is a strong prerequisite that makes risk- and cost-sense.

Traditionally, firewalls, central virus scanners and other intrusion detection or intrusion prevention devices were held responsible for securing an end-point. However, intrusion prevention systems in the perimeter now become ineffective as SSL VPN implementations can be controlled at the two end points – one being the desktop and the other outside the user’s control, in the Internet space. Therefore, the need for end-point security places the onus of security on the device itself.

By implementing an End-Point Security solution by SYNTAX you can achieve protection against even the most sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures, such as rootkits, zero-day attacks, and mutating spyware.

Identity Management

“Who has access to what?”

Users with excessive or inappropriate privileges can potentially wreak havoc on a business, including violating compliance mandates or causing leakage of confidential data. SYNTAX solution for identity management and governance provides the ability to manage and govern user identities and answers the question, “Who has access to what?” in a simple and cost-effective manner.

With the deployment of an Identity Management & Governance solution your organization will be capable to improve your business’s efficiency, security and compliance by automating identity-related controls across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

SYNTAX set of Identity Management & Governance advisory, residency and technology enablement services offered by SYNTAX include:

  • Secure Information Handling Policy Design, Assessment & Management 

Identity Management & Governance Solution Design, Assessment & Technology Enablement

Access Management

Web & cloud-based applications for growing businesses

Developing and deploying Web & cloud-based applications are now driving forces in growing businesses. These applications are necessary for supporting online commerce, collaboration and other transactions that drive everyday business. But as these business opportunities and everyday transactions increase, so does the risk for fraud and online attacks. Securing and managing these Web-based interactions is crucial, and this involves understanding who a user is, what the user is attempting to do, then enforcing appropriate security policies or controls.

With the deployment of an Access Management & Single Sign On solution from SYNTAX, your organization will be capable to deploy a full  Access management solution that provide single sign-on, policy-based authorization, auditing and administration for Web and cloud applications .

The set of Access Management & Single Sign On, residency and technology enablement services offered by SYNTAX include:

  • Secure Information Handling Policy Design, Assessment & Management – advisory & residency services

Access Management & Single Sign On Solution Design, Assessment & Technology Enablement Services

Website & Web-Applications Security

Your new endpoints

In today’s IT emerging security environment, mobile and Web applications are your new endpoints — representing an attack surface that’s growing bigger and more porous by the day.

Perhaps consultants and point-in-place scanning tools helped keep things secure for a while. But then the volume and complexity of your applications grew exponentially. Suddenly, long forgotten one-off promotional sites or mobile apps from acquired companies started multiplying and turning what was once a manageable situation into a catastrophe waiting to happen.

It only takes one vulnerability in one app to open your company to calamity. And increasingly alarming publicity about high-profile data breaches has the CIO and CEO concerned.

The problem: You aren’t quite sure what Web apps you have, where they reside, and what to do about it. After all, how do you get started when the dynamics of Web app security has changed so dramatically in such a short time?

The Solution: Syntax has the ability to create a new and profound security layer in your web infrastructure. By using continuous vulnerability assessment and management service for websites.