IT Operations & Business Service Management

“Give your business an edge with superior solutions
for Customer Experience & Operational Efficiency.”

In the digital application economy, speed, innovation and quality have become table stakes. If you can’t meet your customers’ expectations, they will surely find a competitor who can.

Whether your organization is in one of the sectors facing the most intense digital competition – insurance, banking, telecommunications or retail – or in a more traditional industry or in public services, how rapidly and successfully you embrace a service-driven digital transformation strategy will likely have a profound effect on your organization’s efficiency, reliability, reputation  and long term viability.

Moreover there appears  in many institutions to be a lack of awareness as to how their applications perform, if they meet their business service expectations and SLAs, and what their customer experience is.

Every organization can have a number of monitoring tools in order to manage single system operations. However few institutions have formal strategies in place in order to manage end-to-end the efficiency of their enterprise business services and their actual customer satisfaction.

SYNTAX Business Service Management consultants can help your organization to achieve end-to-end efficient unified performance management of your infrastructures, applications and services to assure customer experience satisfaction. SYNTAX will enable you to:

  • Assess the value of Underpinning, Internal and Customer Business Services
  • Apply the best Business Service Management practices
  • Implement the right technology for transparent Business Service Performance

Contact us now, we will be delighted to introduce our solutions and assess the benefits of managing your Infrastructures, Applications and Business Services efficiently.

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Service Level Agreement Management

Take SLA management to the next level

Focus on contractual service level management to help your organization move beyond simple monitoring of transactional performance, infrastructure elements and individual incidents ̶ helping you better understand the impact of operational performance on your contractual obligations.

Communicate the value of the services delivered, enhance performance of contractual service level agreements and identify service options that will help advance your business further.

Service Operations Management

Get a clear and complete view of service performance

Help IT and engineering to manage more effectively the quality and availability of online services. Provide an end-to-end, real-time view of service delivery alongside innovative IT operations analytics to help transform operations from a technology silo monitoring team to a business aligned team that monitors services and assures their quality.

Workload Automation

Simple, unified batch workload management

Schedule and manage every platform and application from a single point of control. Automating the batch workload lifecycle is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Workload Automation builds, changes, schedules, and monitors complex batch services all from one powerful location.

App Performance & Customer Experience

Stimulate user loyalty and differentiate your business in the app economy

Application Performance Management (APM) is the practice of proactively managing the user-experience of applications. A comprehensive mobile-to-mainframe monitoring solution is designed to help IT deliver critical business services with greater efficiency while delivering a seamless user experience. SYNTAX IT Inc. offers an APM solution that is E.P.I.C.—Easy, Proactive, Intelligent and Collaborative-.

Application Release Automation

Achieve higher quality releases with application release automation

Automate complex, multi-tier release deployments through orchestration and promotion of applications from development through production. Address some of the most critical DevOps challenges by providing a continuous delivery solution that helps improve visibility across the enterprise’s deployment chain. Speed up application release cycles, and improve business and operational agility. Reduce costs of application deployments, and promote collaboration and alignment between Development and Operations.

Unified Infrastructure Management

Put your customers first with an agile, powerful and comprehensive IT monitoring software

Provide 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance. Create a single, unified architecture for both traditional and cloud environments, enabling you to proactively monitor performance and availability and ensure that your customers are up and running. Eliminate the need for disparate monitoring solutions, optimize operational efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple tools.

Datacenter Visual Infrastructure

Get a 360° view of your data center

Provide real-time monitoring of power distribution and use across your data centers, enabling you to measure, trend, alert and take action. Visualize and manage space and capacity, so that for better planning and optimization of the data center operations. Prevent downtime with continuous monitoring, intelligent alerting and visibility into the data center and IT infrastructure.