The founders Nicholas Afxentiadis and Yannis Halas have been scouting the global industry – as pioneers – for the birth of diamonds in technology. Since the dawn of the ‘80s with ArAmIS Inc. that operated in the Arabian Gulf, and since 1994 with SYNTAX, they have brought to the region new, innovative Information Technologies that within a few years proved to be the market leading standards: from such legends as Pansophic’s Easytrieve Plus and Telon, SKK’s ACF2, Candle’s Omegamon, and Micro Focus MF Express, to ‘modern’  technologies such as Rational Rose and UML, Utimaco’s Safe Guard Easy, NetIQ’s Security Manager, KVS’s and now Symantec’s Enterprise Vault, and Oblicore’s Guarantee, now CA-BSI.

These software technologies have enabled major enterprises, throughout the EMEA region, to address their needs and retain leadership in the market by being innovative in Information Retrieval, Computer Aided Software Engineering, Object Oriented Technology, Information Security and Systems Availability Management, Email and Messaging Archiving, Business Service & SLA Management, IT Infrastructure & Applications Performance Management and Data Management.

SYNTAX has also been a pioneer and leading Business and IT compliance consultant for the historic moments in IT, such as the Millennium Bug and the EMU/Euro transition.

From the National Bank of Greece to Saudi Aramco and Holland’s ABN Amro to Qatar’s Ooredoo Australia’s Vodafone and South Africa’s T-Systems, SYNTAX management and IT consultants have helped more than 150 large enterprises and organizations – including the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, to implement and deploy technologies that have secured and optimized their performance and competence.

SYNTAX has also participated as a team leader in EU and national R&D programs. The company has organized and sponsored 15 international conferences and more than 200 public seminars, and has participated as a sponsor in numerous industry conventions and tradeshows in the region. More than 4000 IT professionals have attended SYNTAX public seminars & events.

The highlights of the parallel routes of Information Technology history and SYNTAX’s own evolution since 1994 are summarized below. This exciting journey will be continued in the years ahead.

History of Syntax IT Inc

2014 SYNTAX introduces Application Performance Management Systems and WEB & Network Managed Security Services.
SYNTAX implements the first Application Performance Management Systems in two of the prime banks of Greece. Also, new partnerships with WhiteHat and Skybox expand SYNTAX solution portfolio in WEB, Cyber & Network Security as well as the customer base in Greece and in the GCC. In cooperation with a leading insurance company is continuing the development and successful release of new e-insurance products. SYNTAX is certified on ISO 27001.


2013 SYNTAX Legacy Apps Modernization Success Story in The Ministry of Finance in Cyprus
SYNTAX implementation of Micro Focus Visual Cobol enabled in time and in cost the modernization of the Inland Revenue Department of Cyprus Legacy Application, increasing 50% performance improvement of the tax systems responsible for the enforcement of direct tax legislation and the Double Tax Agreement, thus providing for consistency with government policy and ensuring sound public finances, combat tax evasion and provide quality service to taxpayers. The success story is published by Micro Focus internationally.


2012 SYNTAX Associates with the Royal Diamond Group of UAE
In April Syntax IT Inc. signs a strategic association agreement with The Royal Diamond Group that facilitates the expansion of business in UAE and GCC. The two organizations combine skills in IT with influence in the local market, in one mutual business strategy. The same year a partnership with Informatica the world leading Data Management vendor begins and the kick-off of the first large project with Daman in UAE is a fact. SYNTAX cooperates in the development of the first e- insurance products that become immediately the best-selling insurance products in the market launching a new era in the insurance business.

2011 SYNTAX Introduces SYNTAX AML/CTF e-TS, Dow Jones PEP lists and Nolio in the market.
SYNTAX releases its proprietary “SYNTAX AML/CTF e-TS™ e-learning system and establishes a partnership with Dow Jones, in Anti-money Laundering. Also, SYNTAX introduces Nolio Application Service Automation Platform, an innovative technology that automates application release deployment, maintenance, remediation and recovery across the data center.


2010 SYNTAX Establishes  AML/CTF Business Unit
SYNTAX establishes a new business unit to provide consulting and training services in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF). In addition, the company provides Risk Management, Compliance and Ethical Hacking services to several very important financial organizations in EMEA, implements Oblicore in Vodafone Greece and in Mobistar in Belgium, Enterprise Vault in Hellenic Petroleum, Symantec Security Information Manager for the Public Power Company (DEI), Symantec DLP in Regency Entertainment, Symantec End-Point Protection in EFG Eurobank, Control-M in the Bank of Piraeus and mainframe software in Saudi Arabian Airlines, Commercial Bank and Social Services IT.

2009 BMC Selects SYNTAX as its Mainframe and Control-M Partner
BMC, a leading software vendor, selects SYNTAX as its distributor in Greece and the Gulf for its mainframe performance systems and its job-scheduling system Control-M.
The same year SYNTAX employs 8 more software engineers enforcing its teams of Ethical Hacking & Social Engineering, IT Risk Management and Application Lifecycle Management. It also implements Control-M in the Olayan Group; Oblicore in Globul (Bulgaria), IT Systems (South Africa), KPN (Netherlands), Trenitalia and FastWeb (Italy); Enterprise Vault in the Athens Stock Exchange; and Symantec End-Point Protection in the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.).

2008 Expansion in EMEA
SYNTAX expands its activities across Europe. In  cooperation with Oblicore gets two new SLAM implementation contracts in Europe – in Italy for Enel & Wind and in Holland for ABN Amro.
In Greece, the Greek Telecom OTE decides to implement Oblicore Guarantee, and Alpha Bank implements Enterprise Vault. The same year SYNTAX organizes and participates as a sponsor in several conventions in Greece, the Arabian Gulf and Europe.

2007 Ten Force Project Execution & NBG Email Archiving Implementation
SYNTAX signs a marketing agreement with Ten Force and becomes the sole value added distributor and consulting services provider for the east EMEA region, adding in its portfolio an innovative solution for Project Execution Management. The same year SYNTAX implements in the National Bank of Greece Symantec Enterprise Vault – email archiving solution – for 16.000 users, the largest EV implementation outside the US. Among many other projects, SYNTAX helps EFG Eurobank (Greece) and Samba (Saudi Arabia) to modernize their Legacy Applications by implementing Micro Focus Mainframe Express Suite. SYNTAX becomes a permanent member of the ITSM Forum.

2006 1st SLAM Implementation
SYNTAX implements Oblicore Guarantee in Qtel (Doha, Qatar). The Oblicore solution helps Qtel to assure the level of services provided to the Asian Games organized in Doha in 2007. SYNTAX becomes a permanent member of the TMForum and participates as a sponsor in the first TMF in the Arabian Gulf held in Dubai and in Nice.

2005 The Dawn of SLA Management
The dependency of Business on Technology is undisputed. Service Level Management for Service provision is rising as an inevitable demand. SYNTAX feels the market pulse once again and invests in SLA management. It signs a marketing agreement with the pioneer and leading SLAM vendor Oblicore and becomes the sole value added distributor and consulting services provider for the east EMEA region. A new era begins in service delivery and SYNTAX is showing again the route.  The same year SYNTAX organizes a unique international conference, called “The Adventures of an Email”. The company consolidates all its technologies to facilitate the industry with end-to-end solutions for the secure deployment of e-mail and enable organizations to benefit from e-communications.

2004 Athens Olympic Summer Games
SYNTAX contributes to the successful and secure organization and operations of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. With NetIQ’s software it manages the availability and security of the Olympic applications, 450 Windows Servers and almost 10,000 computers, deployed across all game venues. In addition, with Rational’s configuration management solutions SYNTAX enables the development of vital applications such as the Internet Broadcasting and Press Agency systems of the Olympic Games.

2003 E-mail/Messaging Archiving and Management & All-in-One Security Appliances
SYNTAX partners with KVS, a UK emerging software vendor that has developed Enterprise Vault (EV), and offers for the first time in the region an innovative solution for centralized Email/Messaging Archiving and Management that soon becomes the world’s leading solution. In 2006 KVS/Veritas is acquired by Symantec and from then onwards EV is the undisputed world leading solution.  The same year SYNTAX brings in the region for the first time a Unified Threat Management System (UTM), Fortigate, which soon becomes the best market-seller.

2002 Research & Development
SYNTAX is leading as a project manager and main developer two important R D projects. Mirror, an EU project in the concept of Communities of Practice for Virtual Exhibitions of the Natural History Museums and Glafkopis a national project for centralized management of biometric security systems.

2001 Network Administration
SYNTAX signs a marketing agreement as the distributor and consulting services provider for NetIQ the world leader in Windows Network Systems, Applications and Security management and gets the technology approval from the IOC and Schlumberger/Atos Origin to use NetIQ technologies in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens.

2001 Information Security
SYNTAX cooperates with LSE’s Computer Security Research Center and organizes the SYNTAX International Information Security Task-Force, with the participation of globally known experts including LSE academics and members from the US MoD. SYNTAX also organizes and sponsors the first Information Security Conference in Greece with keynote speakers Bernard Dyer, the co-author of the BS-7779 standard and James Backhouse founder of the LSE CSRC group.

SYNTAX also co-organizes with the Ministry of Defense and the Athens University the 1st Cyberspace Crime conference.The SYNTAX keynote guest speakers include Peter Sommer, the No.1 expert witness in cybercrime, and Bob Ayers, an ex-director of the US Ministry of Defense (MoD) Information Security department. The same year SYNTAX, signs a distributor agreement with Utimaco, the leading German data encryption vendor.

2001 Planning and Business Process Optimization
SYNTAX develops  a methodology for planning and optimizing business processes under the trade name S.M.A.R.T. and signs a marketing agreement with Casewise to distribute their innovative tool Corporate Modeler that simulates operational models and business processes.

2000 EMU & EURO Consultants
While the EU is in the process of finalizing the list of countries that will join the European Monetary Union, SYNTAX creates a new unit to provide business and IT consulting services to enterprises and help them comply with and take advantage of the new economic environment and the Euro. SYNTAX receives the relevant EMU consultant accreditation from the European Central Bank and becomes the leading EMU & Euro consulting group in the Greek market. The company organizes the first international EMU and Euro compliance conference.  The same year SYNTAX is the first consulting company in Greece to get the ISO 9001:2000 certification and becomes a founding member and shareholder of the “Technopolis Acropolis”, the technology park of Athens.

2000 New Economy & E-Business
SYNTAX creates a new business unit and consolidates its technologies and knowledge to provide solutions and consulting services to industries in the rising ‘New Economy’ environment. SYNTAX also organizes an international conference on development and infrastructure of ‘New Economy’ applications with the title “Look into the Future”.

1999 ERP SAP
SYNTAX becomes a SAP partner and forms a SAP consulting team that specializes in the assessment, configuration and implementation of SAP R/3, the world leading ERP system.

1998 Year 2000 Task-Force
SYNTAX undertakes the crucial role of the official advisor to the government for the Year 2000 Bug challenge.

1997 Facing the 2000 Problem
In March 1997, SYNTAX organizes the first international conference for the Y2K problem in Athens.  Keynote speakers are the Y2K project managers from ARAMCO and the American Financial Group, who have successfully used ArAmIS/SYNTAX technology to conform their systems.  The event becomes a highlight for the media.

1996 Object Oriented Technology
SYNTAX brings Object Oriented Technology for the first time in Greece. The company signs sole distribution agreements with Rational and IONA and shakes the market with products and methodologies such as Rose, RUD, UML and Orbix. The company organizes the first international conference in the region for OO Technology. The same year SYNTAX transforms the way software houses develop Cobol applications by using Micro Focus Cobol application modernization solutions in order to develop new or transform existing Cobol applications in modern GUI, Client/Server, Web Enabled, and Component environments systems.

1995 Object Cobol & Mainframe Systems Availability Management
In May the company organizes the first international conference with keynote speaker Gerom Garfunkel the so called Mr. Cobol. SYNTAX launches a new way of promoting high technology in Greece. The brother of Art Garfunkel attracts the media lights and the conference becomes front page news on all papers. The IT professionals rush to listen to Mr. Cobol. The charismatic Garfunkel representing the World Cobol Forum, excites the audience with the announcement of Object COBOL .

At the same time SYNTAX’s associate, Arabian American Information Systems Inc. (ArAmIS), is chosen by the world’s largest company SAUDI ARAMCO, as their IT and management consultant and technology provider for the Y2K project. SYNTAX brings to Greece Candle’s Omegamon leading technology for IBM Mainframe Systems Management and performs the first large implementation in the National Bank of Greece. No more downtime and customer waiting in front of the tellers occurs.

1994 SYNTAX Establishment
On February 1st Nicholas Afxentiadis and Yannis Halas establish a new IT company. They name it SYNTAX, a word of Greek origin, yet a basic term in computer coding.  They aim to use their 10-year experience in the Arabian Gulf,  in promoting, implementing and deploying innovative information technologies in Greece.

Their philosophy is to provide quality services to Greek companies of any size, as they did previously to demanding large Oil and Finance corporations in the Gulf. Technology Innovation and Service Quality are the two basic elements of differentiation in the market.

Their philosophy is simple and meaningful:

“We shall add value to our customers every time we talk to them”