Legacy Applications Modernization

“Take your COBOL Apps to the future.”

Your applications are the lifeblood of your organization.
Yet new technology demands and a growing IT backlog are hampering the delivery of new, innovative services for the business.

Our solutions unlock the value within your existing COBOL applications, enabling teams to collaborate across a variety of new and long established platforms. We can help you re-energize enterprise COBOL applications, resulting in improved productivity, while lowering costs and taking your core applications into the future.

businessman hand draws gear to success

Customer Case of Ministry of Finance, Cyprus (pdf file)

• Reduced business risk through use of a modern application platform
• Improvement of 50% in application performance
• Time to delivery accelerated by 30%
• New web based UI for its business users
• Improved application reliability and scalability
• Secure application access through integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory

Legacy Applications Modernization